17 04, 2017

Free Webinar: Savings for Exporters

April 17th, 2017|alliant group|


WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26, 2017 1:00 – 2:00 PM CDT


CEOs, presidents, partners and CFOs of U.S. companies that export American-made products

Most exporters overlook two incentives that are designed specifically for their benefit—the Interest-Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation […]

16 11, 2016

Deadly Sin #10 – Not Seeking the Experts

November 16th, 2016|alliant group|

Previously, alliantgroup has described some of the intricacies related to setting up and maintaining an IC-DISC. Additionally, we have addressed reservations that some qualified taxpayers have in regards to taking advantage of the IC-DISC benefit through an expert provider. The […]

13 01, 2016

Deadly Sin #9: General Nuances of an IC-DISC

January 13th, 2016|alliant group|

For those parties that are already utilizing an IC-DISC, or have much interest in pursuing one, there may be a few details that have been overlooked during the implementation of, or research regarding, this tax incentive. Here, we will discuss […]

28 08, 2015

Deadly Sin #8: Failing to Meet IC-DISC Requirements

August 28th, 2015|alliant group|

Thus far we’ve discussed incorporation issues, proper qualification of export property, the calculation methodology by which the commission is derived and businesses in industries that have traditionally not taken advantage of the savings available through the IC-DISC benefit. But once […]

29 07, 2015

Do or Don’t: Making a Producer’s Loan

July 29th, 2015|alliant group|

As stated previously, the IC-DISC has versatility of use but can also be complicated. Depending on your purpose for incorporating a DISC entity, engaging in a producer’s loan may or may not make sense. First, let’s start by noting that […]

24 07, 2015

Deadly Sin #7: Tax Compliance

July 24th, 2015|alliant group|

In the world of IC-DISC tax compliance, tax preparers might feel like they are navigating through unfamiliar territory. Guidance is scant and the terminology is fairly alien to most other, more familiar, areas of tax. The following are just a […]

24 04, 2015

Deadly Sin #6: Non-qualification of Qualified Products

April 24th, 2015|alliant group|

In a previous post, we discussed industries that are commonly overlooked when considering an IC-DISC. In this post, we will go into greater detail of some products that many companies are not taking into consideration when generating a list of […]

9 04, 2015

Deadly Sin #5: What you need to know about exporting to ‘Boycott Countries’…

April 9th, 2015|alliant group|

A common question we address as IC-DISC experts is whether or not exporting to certain countries can impact a company’s ability to take advantage of this incentive. Although it will not affect DISC eligibility, a company must report if any […]

2 04, 2015

Deadly Sin #4: Overlooked Industries

April 2nd, 2015|alliant group|

One reason that so many companies do not pursue the IC-DISC benefit is because these companies do not believe its products fall under the category of “qualified”. Many are under the impression that this benefit is reserved strictly for manufacturers, […]

25 03, 2015

Deadly Sin #3: High-level Calculation Methodology

March 25th, 2015|alliant group|

As important and intricate as all of the requirements and nuances surrounding an IC-DISC can be, there are few more significant and intricate than the calculation itself which produces the dollar savings amount for a company. As a taxpayer has […]